April Garden Tips

It may not seem as if there is much to do in the yard and garden in April, but the things you can get to now will help you considerably once plants (and weeds) start popping up. Some of these things will depend heavily on what planting zone you are in, so take that...

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Fruit Tree and Berry Bush Varieties

Fruit Tree & Berry Bushes Varieties 2018 What could be better than taking a stroll in your yard, picking some just-ripened fruit and munching on it the moment you're in the mood? Nothing! These days, people are thinking more and more about the ability to grow some of...

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Pruning Times for Shrubs & Trees

Late Winter Fir Horse-chestnut Ailanthus Alder Hickory Chestnut Cedrus Hackberry Cephalotaxus Katsura Chamaecyparis Cryptomaria Elaeagnus Euonymus Beech Honey locust Hydrangea Holly Juniper Privet Honeysuckle Apple Poplar Cherry Pyracantha Rose Willow Yew Arborvitae...

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Fruit tree Planting & Care Tips

Now that you have selected your fruiting tree, there are a few things that are essential to know. Location Three considerations are important in choosing a spot for your tree: Sun - Fruit trees need at least a half day of sun. Soil - Soil must be well-drained and...

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