September Garden Tips

Printable Version Fall is a perfect time for new plantings. Many plants are on sale providing you an opportunity to see your garden wake up next spring new and improved! Watering remains a necessity, but it will take less to keep your new plants happy. Plant fall...

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August Garden Tips

Need to take a look at the July Garden Tips? Find them here. If we experience dry weather, water thoroughly and deeply. So far, we've had a real mix of weather with quite a bit of rain but things can change rapidly! If the weather becomes hot, transpiration can occur....

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Like many plants, this one goes by several names, Fiddle Leaf Fig being the most common which refers to both Ficus pandurata and Ficus lyrata. Yes! It's actually a ficus tree. There’s no mystery about where it got its common name. The fiddle-shaped leaves....

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Plant for Success – Plants on Sale!

'Mini Mauvette' Invincibelle Hydrangea 25% off July 14th through July 20th while supplies last! Introducing Invincibelle Mini Mauvette® hydrangea. The show begins in early summer and because Invincibelle Mini Mauvette is a rebloomer, it continues clear...

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July Garden Tips

The focus now is on maintaining the beauty you created this spring. Paying attention to watering and checking your plants for insects and disease should be on your to-do list. And then maybe some lounging is in order! Veggies, fruits & berries. Click here for Tips on...

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Is Something Bugging You?

Insects are an integral part of a healthy garden and yard – without them, our plants would suffer enormously, but there are a few that we need to control for our health and safety. Here in the Northeast, ticks are of particular concern because of Lyme...

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