Dahlias – The Dalina® Grande Series

Dahlias – The Dalina® Grande Series

Dalina® Grande Tampico – stunning red/coral coloration

The Dalina® Grande Series is an award-winning collection of dahlias from Proven Winners. Michigan State University has given it Top Performer status while The Boerner Botanical Garden gave the series a rating of “excellent”.

The Series has a wonderful growth habit with more vigor than other series of its size (15-18”). The flowers are 3-4″ across and bloom from planting until frost! This is twice the flowering time of the common dahlia.

Great in containers, combinations and in the landscape. Dahlias are a full sun plant.


Dalina® Grande Mendoza is a new introduction this year! You get the same Dalina® beauty in a deep rose pink. Mix and match with other dalinas, plant in your perennial garden, or make a container with other colorful annuals. You’ll have gorgeous blooms all season long!


Dalina® Grande Bonita has the sweetest look you can imagine. Petals in a range of pink shades show themselves off at the top of very sturdy stems. Mix these pink beauties with other annuals or plant them among your perennials for a continuous show of pink!


Dalina® Grande Cancun has all the contrast you may be looking for in a full sun bedding plant! Deep burgundy petals tipped in white create a dramatic look all on their own or mix with yellow lantana to make a very bold look.


Dalina® Grande Castillo boasts big gorgeous double blooms in deep rose shades. Castillo is heavy blooming and a great choice for mixing with just about any other color. As with any dahlia in the Grande series, it makes a wonderful cut flower.  Lovely mixed with salvia or lavender!