Indoor Garden Ideas the 5 Best


Indoor Garden Ideas the 5 Best

shellgardenDish Gardens, Fairy Gardens & Terrariums

Charming, exciting or whimsical. These little gardens can be whatever you want them to be.







With a container, unique or not, a few plants and a vision, you can transform a corner of your desk or window sill into a mini landscape. 






Don’t want to make one? That’s okay! We can make them for you! 









Tropical beauty is easier than you think! Many orchids take much less care than you might realize, especially phalaenopsis (moth orchids). Lots of color with blooms lasting weeks to months, orchids never go out of favor and the colors are amazing!







Tropical Foliage

It’s not all green! Of course, lots of foliage is green, but some is truly different. Calathia ‘White Fusion’ is green & white, while ‘Roseo Picta’ is deep black green with bright violet patterning. Not your ordinary houseplants. You can create lots of visual interest in any space with just a few selections!











Pitcher Plants

This plant feeds itself! The hanging “pitchers” on a pitcher plant are actually some of its leaves folding and shaping themselves to capture insects. Once insects fall into the pitcher, they don’t come out again. Besides being just plain fascinating to look at, pitcher plants can go to work for you. Our greenhouse manager, Susan, puts hers outside in the summer to take care of wasps!






Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean you need to stop harvesting fresh goodness to eat. Herbs are in the house this month! Start your own herb garden in the kitchen or wherever the sunniest spot in the house is. If you can give these mouthwatering plants 4 hours a day of sun, you’ll never be without your favorite flavors.