March 15th, 2016 – Switcheroos – Plant This, Not That!

March 15th, 2016 – Switcheroos – Plant This, Not That!

March 15th, 2016
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

We’re so sorry, but this seminar is full! 

About Kerry

Kerry Ann Mendez is an award winning ( Gold Medal from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, October, 2014) published author (St. Lynn’s Press), speaker in high demand, and designer of national prominence. In 2015 she had scheduled 115 presentations in 17 states. Some of the prestigious sites of her presentations include the U. S. Botanic Gardens, the Chicago Botanic Garden, the New Jersey Botanical Gardens, Tower Hill Botanical Garden, the Philadelphia Flower Show, Springfest Flower and Garden Show (NJ), the Newport Flower Show, the Portland Flower Show (ME), the Capital District Flower Show (NY), the Rhode Island Flower Show, the Vermont Flower Show, and dozens of garden clubs and several horticultural societies ( Connecticut, Massachusetts and Long Island) .
Kerry Ann also spoke at the following Master Gardeners conferences in 2015: Purdue Extension Office; University of Rhode Island Extension; University of Illinois Extension; Master Gardeners Conference, Waterford, MI; Master Gardeners Symposium, Dayton, Ohio; International Master Gardeners Conference, Council Bluffs, Iowa; New Jersey Master Gardeners Conference.
Kerry Ann was the keynote speaker for the New Hampshire Federated Garden Clubs state conference (May 27, 2015) and the Maine Federated Garden Clubs state conference (June 17, 2015).  For her current schedule of events, please click here:  For two hundred sixty-three 5-star audience evaluations please go to the independent website Great Garden Speakers .com and type in Kerry Ann Mendez.

Her most recent book (now in its third printing), The Right-Size Flower Garden,  has been featured in many prestigious publications in major markets with large circulations including The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Toronto Star, Arizona Republic and Fairfield Citizen. In all, 40 news publications have reviewed this book to date. It has received to date fifty-six 5-star customer reviews on Amazon. Kerry Ann Mendez is the Regional Director of The Garden Writers Association of America.