Plant For Success! On Sale Beginning May 27th!

Plant For Success! On Sale Beginning May 27th!

Plant for Success is our seasonal program that designates what we know to be truly reliable garden worthy plants. 

On Sale May 27th through June 2nd

‘BLUE WATERFALL’ CAMPANULA (Campanula poscharskyana) 

25% off  May 27th through June 2nd
While supplies last!

Star-shaped violet-blue flowers absolutely cascade over the foliage of this quickly spreading perennial. It loves to travel so it makes a great groundcover or plant to spill over a stone wall. ‘Blue Waterfall’ begins its bloom in June, continues into mid-summer and will bloom again through early fall. The foliage itself has a well-groomed look making for a tidy appearance.

Sunlight: Full sun to part sun
Mature size: 6-8” tall x 18-24” wide
Hardiness zones: 4-7
Attracts: Butterflies

‘RED SATIN’ COREOPSIS (Threadleaf Coreopsis) 

25% off  May 27th through June 2nd SOLD OUT!
While supplies last!

The best red threadleaf coreopsis yet! Tough, hardy, and beautiful, this coreopsis has deep red flowers each sporting a yellow center giving them great contrast. ‘Red Satin’ begins to bloom in early summer giving you a big show! After the initial bloom, shear for continuous reblooming until a frost. It’s more compact height means it’s perfect to plant in front of taller perennials such as Russian sage or Garden Phlox. This is an easy trouble-free perennial!

Sunlight: Full sun to part sun
Mature size: 15-18”” tall x 18-24” wide
Hardiness zones: 5-9
Attracts: Butterflies & Bees


25% off  May 27th through June 2nd
 While supplies last!

If you have trouble deciding on what color flowering shrub to bring home, you will have to consider this super solution. The “Goddess Group” Rose of Sharon has already made quite a splash, but now you can get three of them in one container! Meet ‘Diana’, ‘Aphrodite’, and ‘Minerva’! Make a colorful hedge or use them in a mixed bed to back up perennials and annuals. They also make stunning specimen plants. Vigorous and easy to grow, they boast huge blooms with that fabulous open hibiscus shape.

Sunlight: Full to part sun
Mature size: 8-12’ tall x 6-10’ wide
Hardiness zones: 5-8


$11.98 ea.  On Sale Now
 Reg. $14.98 – one-gallon pots
While supplies last!

We’re big fans of this annual flower that performs like a champ! The colors are too amazing. Who can’t use ‘Perfectly Pink’, ‘Wedgewood Blue’, or ‘Super White’ in the garden? High heat just makes these flowers come alive, so you don’t have to worry about a midsummer slump. As good in the ground as in containers. It also looks right at home in your perennial garden. This way you can plan on consistent color to offset the comings and goings of your perennials right up until a hard frost. Underused and a stellar choice! People will be asking you what those beautiful flowers are!

Sunlight: Full sun
Mature size: 16-18” height x 12-18” width
Hardiness zone: annual flower
Attracts: Butterflies & hummingbirds